What is an an evil stick and how do I use it?

An evil stick is a fun little toy. It looks pretty and innocent but it can sting like the devil. If used correctly, it can leave your sub squirming in delightful agony.

They are not meant to bring your sub to their knees with one snap but to be used repeatedly either on the same spot or move slowly along the area you’re focusing on at the moment.

Ours are made from a flexible carbon fiber rod with a decorative handle.  Some have an added embellishment on the tip for added impact.

How to use it:

1. Hold by the handle, with thumb on top. Hold horizontal, about an 1″ away from the skin.

3. Use a finger from the other hand to lift up the tip, while holding the handle steady.

4. Bend the tip back slightly, to about a 20-degree arch. It will break if bent too much.

5. Let go of the tip and slightly push down with the thumb that is on top of the handle so it snaps on the skin.

6. Repeat


person using an evil stick


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