Ball Stretcher with Weight and Spikes



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This is the ultimate in both torture and male chastity. This toothed ring is a shackle with spikes pointed inward for erotic sexual denial.

Remove the teeth to use it as a “normal” ring or ball stretcher!

100% medical-grade stainless steel

The toothed cock ring is a steel shackle with spikes pointed inward that creates a breathtaking sensation. The extra chain and weight add some additional pressure to your crown jewels, giving your testicles an extra hang.
To wear the item, place the Kali`s Teeth Chastity Device around the shaft before full erection. As the wearer gets aroused the ring gets tighter and the spikes start to dig into the penis.


Spiked cock ring. To do so place it at the base of the cock and balls and lock it on with a padlock.
Ball stretcher device by wrapping it around the scrotum before the testicles.
The ball stretchers ring opens fully and is locked with a padlock, which allow the user to wrap these around their balls or cock instead of slip them through. This makes for a very comfortable and tight fit. The tighter more comfortable fit also lessens the likely hood of the stretcher “popping off”.
Radical penis stretching, penis control, slave training and cock torture all wrapped up in one brutally amazing stainless steel package. 
Material: Stainless Steel 316L – Medical Grade
Dimensions:  1.5″ inside diameter (without teeth), Teeth protrude by 1/4″ from the steel.
Weight: 1.87lbs
Includes: lock, keys and device to tighten screws

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Weight 1.87 lbs



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