Zeus 6-Channel Deluxe Power Box Quick Start Guide*

Zeus 6-Channel Deluxe Power Box Quick Start Guide*
How to Use:
1. First, clean off the areas of the body where you intend to apply contacts. When placing
contacts, be sure to either keep them below the waist or on one side of the body, taking
care that the current will NOT be flowing through the heart.

2. Make sure that each of the six channels are OFF by turning the output regulation dials
(above each lead port) counterclockwise until a click is heard. If any channel is still on,
the device will not power on.

3. After this is completed, turn on the timer by turning the timer dial clockwise (up to 70

4. Plug the Power Box unit into an outlet.

5. Push the power button down to turn on Power Box.

6. Choose a stimulation pattern. First, push down one of the stimulation pattern buttons in
the middle, then adjust the left and right frequency knobs to about midway.

7. Plug an attachment into one of the six lead ports.

8. Apply the contacts to your body.
-The non-adhesive rubber contacts are best applied after rubbing the area with saltwater
or, ideally, with a dab of electrogel. You can get the rubber pad to stick by using either
one of the included elastic bands or a strip of medical tape. The alligator clip leads will
easily hook onto rubber pads.
-The adhesive contacts can be stuck straight to clean skin, and are compatible with the
-You can also use any other compatible Zeus accessories.

9. Start stimulating yourself. At this point, turn the knob above the lead port (or ports)
that you’re using clockwise. It will click and you will feel a slight tingle. From here, try
to find the intensity that works best for you. You may also want to adjust the frequency
knobs to get the ideal stimulation pattern, speed, and intensity.

*Be sure to read the entire product manual and that product users understand all
safety and liability risks before using this or any other Zeus Electrosex products.